Ask questionsCan you ignore ParserSyntaxError (for reserved async keyword in 3.6)?

I'd like to use this on a project that is python3.6 syntax but not fully 3.7 yet (as far as I know the only violation is that there are still some async keyword args which are reserved in 3.7).

Here's the exception I'm getting when visiting a module:

libcst._exceptions.ParserSyntaxError: Syntax Error: incomplete input @ 200:76.
Encountered 'async', but expected one of ["')'"].

        results = client.query_performers(query, "api_ingestion_consumer", async=False)

Would it be possible to suppress this error until the code is refactored to be totally 3.7 compliant? I realize "LibCST parses Python 3.7" is specifically noted in the README so understood if that's not possible.


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@zhammer, I know we said that we weren't planning on supporting it, but it turns out this may become a reality with #60 and #63.


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