irungentoo/toxcore 8620

The future of online communications.

notsecure/uTox 605

Lightweight Tox client

irungentoo/Xiaomi_gamepad 252

It's a nice gamepad.

irungentoo/Xiaomi_Yi_4k_Camera 217

Stuff for the xiaomi yi 4k (and 4k+) cameras.

irungentoo/filter_audio 135

An easy to use audio filtering library made from webrtc code.

irungentoo/tox-kill 32

Code to disrupt the Tox network for hardening/testing purposes.

notsecure/utox-update 18

updater for uTox

irungentoo/Tox_Client_Guidelines 15

Tox Client Guidelines.

irungentoo/Gopher360 13

Gopher, sometimes referred to as Gopher360, is an out-of-the-box tool for turning 360 or XOne controller input into mouse & keyboard input. Made with couch PC users in mind.