Adam Iredale iosengineer Bionic Monocle Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

iosengineer/OptionalBlockAnimation 9

A convenient extension to block animation

iosengineer/lenses 6

Questions and triggers to provoke thought and encourage good decision-making when designing or developing

iosengineer/Patch 4

Patch is a flexible, modularised, mix-and-match datasource framework for iOS. Stop repeating yourself. Use Patch.

iosengineer/BMDrawRectView 3

UIView subclass with hot-swappable drawRect method block - handy dandy :D

iosengineer/meditation-resources 3

Helpful resources for Vipassana meditators

iosengineer/motionscrub 2

A quick (and very very dirty, at the moment) work around to allow sharing of 120FPS slow-motion videos with social networks that haven't been "blessed" by iOS 7's built-in selection list.

iosengineer/presentations 2

Presentations given in public places

iosengineer/QueuesAndCoreDataDemo 2

A demo project for iPhone that shows how to use Core Data in conjunction with NSOperationQueue to create smooth, non-blocking user experiences

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Adam Iredale

commit sha 25274a95d5d73d53e2ee60decf361e49a8b4c959

Fiddling * Removed main loop delay - pointless in this context * Added some comments

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Adam Iredale

commit sha 1c832378731b57a3dbad812e22877057c25aecf5

Doing SOMETHING to get Turret fixes started

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Adam Iredale

commit sha 4a8235b21fc4e7a53775290e92f6aef0643d907d

Shuffled around so it builds at least. TBC

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