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fbng/font-firebrand 0

Font icon set for Firebrand Technologies applications.

iisisrael/api-caller-bundle 0

Symfony2 bundle that adds cURL API call functionality with full Web Debug Toolbar integration.

iisisrael/awsBundle 0

Symfony AWS Bundle

iisisrael/CalendR 0

The missing PHP 5.3+ calendar management library.

iisisrael/doctrine2 0

Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

iisisrael/DoctrineBundle 0

Symfony Bundle for Doctrine ORM and DBAL

iisisrael/EoHoneypotBundle 0

Honeypot type for Symfony2 forms

iisisrael/fcs-sdk-php 0

FCS (Firebrand Cloud Services) SDK for PHP

iisisrael/font-ratsalley 0

Font Ratsalley is a set of vector icons similar to the Font Awesome icon set. These are icons specifically designed for use in Rats' Alley applications.