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mpbzh/homebridge-plex 54

Plex plugin for homebridge:

iharosi/ps5-wake 35

PlayStation 5 Discovery and Wake-up Utility

iharosi/homebridge-plex-webhooks 18

Plex Webhooks Server plugin for Homebridge

iharosi/homebridge-plex-v2 10

Plex v2 plugin for homebridge:

iharosi/Squire-Streams 7

!OUTDATED! – Squire Stream – EZTV Shows

iharosi/sensor-api 2

Restful Web API for Adafruit BME280

iharosi/cube-navigation 1

navigate on your mobile site with a rotating cube

iharosi/movies-backend 1

Backend service which fetches metadata based on movies found in a folder and create a TMDb List of them.

bdi/com-idoctum-deviceattitude 0

Provides access to the device's motion sensor and getting a mathematical representation of attitude as Euler angles.

issue closediharosi/homebridge-plex-webhooks

Media Paused

Hello, first let me say this plugin has been a life saver!!! Thank you so much for creating and maintaining it.

I got it working but I was wondering how can I make a sensor that triggers when a media is PAUSED and and another one for STOPPED.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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issue commentiharosi/homebridge-plex-webhooks

Media Paused

This is a duplication of so, closing.


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issue commentiharosi/homebridge-plex-webhooks

I’m struggling.

Could you please provide your JSON config instead of screenshot? And a verbose log from Homebridge?


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