heapwolf/cxx-http 165

A simple http library in c++ backed by libuv and http-parser.

iefserge/eshttp 74

Portable pure JavaScript ES6/2015 HTTP library

heapwolf/bale 37

A transpiler/module system polyfill for C++

iefserge/estap 6

JavaScript TAP test framework

iefserge/assert-error 4

Basic assert function that throws provided error object

iefserge/jenkins-hash 4

Jenkins hash function

iefserge/ 2

Source code for the Molten C project website

iefserge/buffer-hexdump 1

Buffer hexdump tool for browser and Node

iefserge/redflare 1

Experimental JavaScript static analyzer

iefserge/test-plan 1

Count assertions and call function at the end

fork iefserge/vim-railscasts

Railscasts theme for vim + iTerm2

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New config Includes vim, tmux, alacritty, zsh.

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