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Ian Barland ibarland Radford University Blacksburg, VA, USA

ibarland/JavaTea 2

A web-based tool for writing unit tests for beginner programmers (Java, and later python).

freemanbach/itec325 1

Class exercise

ibarland/Testing 1

A tool for teaching beginning programmers to develop test cases.

freemanbach/codetest 0

test test

ibarland/misc-c-ibarland 0

helper library functions for C/C++ programs

ibarland/misc-java-ibarland 0

assorted utility and helper-functions for Java

ibarland/pollen-mode 0

An Emacs major mode for editing pollen markup language

ibarland/sample 0

just a demo for class

issue openedracket/racket

check-expect in drracket doesn't display rationals (for a failing unit-test)

What version of Racket are you using? e.g., 8.2 [cs]

What program did you run? ; in beginning-student: (check-expect 1 3/4)

What should have happened? a failure saying "Actual value 1 differs from 0.75" (or similar -- however rationals should get displayed in the error-message)

If you got an error message, please include it here. the failure actually reads "Actual value 1 differs from #<image>"

(that is, it literally says "#<image>").


Please include any other relevant details both macOS and Windows

created time in 10 days