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Ian Walker-Sperber ianwsperber RBI Miami, FL 🍔

FormidableLabs/yesno 91

Simple HTTP testing for NodeJS

ianwsperber/angular-google-maps 0

AngularJS directives for the Google Maps Javascript API

ianwsperber/easy-fix 0

easy-fix: run integration tests like unit tests

ianwsperber/gitbook 0

Command line utility for generating books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown

ianwsperber/github-issue-templates 0

:symbols: A collection of GitHub issue and pull request templates

ianwsperber/good 0

hapi process monitoring

ianwsperber/graphql-constraint-directive 0

Validate GraphQL fields

ianwsperber/h2o2 0

Proxy handler for hapi.js

ianwsperber/hacking-art-of-exploitation 0

Code for `Hacking: The Art of Exploitation`

ianwsperber/hapi-swagger 0

A Swagger interface for HAPI


started time in 2 months