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ianremmler/ode 42

Go binding for the Open Dynamics Engine library.

ianremmler/dwms 9

Simple status generator for dwm.

ianremmler/gitit 3

GitIT is a simple issue tracker that (ab)uses git as its database.

ianremmler/gordian 3

Gordian is a small framework for making multiclient websocket apps in go.

ianremmler/crosswd 2

crosswd is a terminal application for solving crossword puzzles in the .puz file format.

ianremmler/geauxbot 2

Geauxbot is an IRC bot written in Go.

ianremmler/lit 2

Lit is a lightweight issue tracker.

ianremmler/chipmunk 1

[WIP] Chipmunk Physics bindings for Go

ianremmler/frood 1

Frood is a simple, readable colorscheme for vim.

ianremmler/gograb 1

Gograb uses ssh and a proxy host to "go get" things for you.