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Ian Bicking ianb Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Research engineer at Facebook Reality Labs

ianb/doctestjs 146

Javascript testing made easy and explicit

FirefoxUX/photon-components-web 27

Photon versions of the some common WebComponents

ianb/500lines 9

500 Lines or Less

ianb/copy-keeper 7

An experimental add-on for saving everything you copy

ianb/find-plus-one 6

An experimental browser extension for search in pages linked from the current page

ianb/blog 5

My blog

ianb/apppkg 4

Application Package, a format for executable introspectable stuff

ianb/emailit 3

A very little Python app to email web pages to people

ianb/bitplanning 2

Playing around with Logic Planning, as described in Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

issue commentpypa/setuptools

use_2to3 is invalid (Tempita)

@jaraco PyPI invite sent!


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issue commentpypa/setuptools

use_2to3 is invalid (Tempita)

@jaraco If you'd be willing to do an update that would be great, I'm not active in Python any longer. I can set you up on PyPI if you give your username there


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