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Daniel Kennett iKenndac Stockholm, Sweden Cocoa developer, mountain biker, model railway owner. I spend my days working on @Cascable.

iKenndac/500px-Aperture-Uploader 95

An Aperture Export Plugin for exporting to your account.

iKenndac/Arduino-Dioder-Playground 39

A project playing with a set of IKEA Dioder LED strips connected to an Arduino Mega 2560.

iKenndac/Couch-Slouch 23

Mac OS X application to allow your Mac to be controlled by other devices on a HDMI bus, given the right hardware.

iKenndac/create-ram-disk 12

A little Mac command-line tool to create a RAM disk.

iKenndac/KNAppGuide 12

An "Apple Guide" style help system for Mac OS X applications.

iKenndac/generate-string-symbols 8

Create a header file containing symbols for the given strings file keys.

iKenndac/generate-imageasset-symbols 6

A little command-line application to generate a header file containing string constants for images in a .xcassets folder.

iKenndac/KVOObservation 6

A simple little Key-Value Observing helper written in Swift.

iKenndac/DKSerialPort 5

A simple-to-use serial port class written in Objective-C.

iKenndac/KNFoundation 4

KNFoundation is a collection of classes I use in every single .NET application I make. Many of the classes are direct implementations of their Cocoa counterparts, including KNKVC, which is an implementation of Cocoa's NSKeyValueCoding and NSKeyValueObserving in C# .NET, which is a specific implementation of the Observer pattern.