iAmiAdam/LogRunner 1

A simple game using libGDX

iAmiAdam/SquareBomber 1

Another LibGDX game, this time with Multiplayer!

iAmiAdam/adamjsmith 0

The theme for my personal site.

iAmiAdam/Android-Password-Store 0

Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application

iAmiAdam/androidContacts 0

A basic contact system for android

iAmiAdam/DataPersistence 0

The many ways to save data in android

iAmiAdam/Framework 0

Making an Android game framework and using it

iAmiAdam/GameTests 0

An all inclusive test app of various game theories

iAmiAdam/GLBasics 0

Playing around with OpenGL

iAmiAdam/GoogleMaps 0

Using Google Maps API