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htanata/bortissimo 10

Bort with compass, formtastic, factory_girl, searchlogic and its own scaffold

htanata/git_snip 5

Clean obsolete branches on your git repository safely

htanata/live-validations 3

Reads Active Record's validations and makes them available to live client side javascript validation scripts

htanata/belongs_to_enum 2

Define enumerations for a model attribute

htanata/compass 2

A Sass-Based CSS Meta-Framework. Provides useful utilities and Sass ports of Blueprint and YUI that can be mixed and matched. Support for and YAML is coming soon.

htanata/default_value_for 2

Provides a way to specify default values for ActiveRecord models

htanata/navigation_helper 2

Rails plugin: provides automatic navigation for RESTful architectures, and has simple support for those that aren't.

htanata/rspec-rails 2

RSpec's official Ruby on Rails plugin

htanata/acts_as_audited 1

acts_as_audited is an ActiveRecord extension that logs all changes to your models in an audits table.

htanata/authlogic_example 1

An example rails app using the Authlogic authentication library