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Tyler Hampton howdoicomputer United States Sr. Systems Engineer for Shutterfly.

codebuddies/codebuddies 490 Community-organized hangouts for learning programming together - community-built using MeteorJS

codeforsanjose/Project-Ideas 30

Hey have an idea for a Project? Post it here! See the Waffle version here:

codeforsanjose/ 11

Code for San José website

codeforsanjose/ImmunizationSJ 6

An app that finds immunization information for schools.

codeforsanjose/findahome 5

A web application built to help individuals find affordable housing.

codeforsanjose/calidrought-legacy 3

An API for drought related information.

codeforsanjose/CycleSafe 3

CycleSafe allows cyclists and pedestrians to map dangerous routes in their communities

codeforsanjose/MobilityMap 3

Allows citizens to engage public transit authority on a map in real-time

codeforsanjose/codeforsanjose-backend 2

A prototype website for Code for San Jose.

codeforsanjose/inventory-control 2

A system that receives,stores, and manages computer parts, components and finished goods.

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release briandowns/spinner


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created repositorybriandowns/dane

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fork briandowns/rke2-selinux

RKE2 selinux + RPM packaging for selinux

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fork ckersh/code_samples

A collection of code samples for a variety of languages.

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PR opened howdoicomputer/vpn-indicator-shell-extension

Added Gnome 40 shell version support.

Works out of the box just by modifying the metadata.json 🤷🏿‍♂️

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created repositorybriandowns/libdotenv

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created repositorybriandowns/rancher-sys-drift

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