hobbitalastair/termfix 2

Terminal fixer based on, see also

hobbitalastair/backhand 1

[WIP] Helper utilities for background processes

hobbitalastair/feedutils 1

Simple Atom and RSS feed utilites

hobbitalastair/quizzer 1

Quizzer application, in python

hobbitalastair/ash-system 0

Meta PKGBUILDs for installing packages/patching files to get things how I want it

hobbitalastair/bkmutils 0

Web bookmarks as files

hobbitalastair/fakechroot 0

gives a fake chroot environment

hobbitalastair/fb-paint 0

[WIP] From-scratch pixel art editor

hobbitalastair/flex 0

The Fast Lexical Analyzer

created taghobbitalastair/patchman


Experimental config file patch manager script for pacman-based systems

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push eventhobbitalastair/patchman

Alastair Hughes

commit sha 79bc3ad1e6f5c709bee157f414c2ec9046d58989

patchman: ignore signature files in the pacman cache

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