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highvoltage/llxc 45

Python script for managing LXC containers

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Scripts for managing zram

highvoltage/squashfs-experiments 4

Script to test performance and compression of squashfs images

highvoltage/da7Q_9RnPjm 3

Public project for da7Q_9RnPjm

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Linux resource monitor

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A bittorrent filesystem based on FUSE.

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Distribution-independent installer framework

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:squirrel: Insanely fast image printing in your terminal

issue commentCTurt/FreeDVDBoot

Any chance for a 3.00E port?

Not possible with any of the current ISO images. You'll have to wait until the author gets a PS2 with 3.00E DVD firmware (or possibly just a dump of it? I'm not sure) to create an update exploit for it. So it will just take some patience.

And don't worry I have a 3.00E too so I know how badly you want this :)


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issue openedzfsonlinux/zfs-auto-snapshot

Seeking new volunteers to continue this project

Hi everyone, a while back I gained rights to this project with the intent of helping with the PR backlog. While I made a bit of progress, I got increasingly busy in other areas and just don't have the time to do more maintenance on this. While there are newer (and probably better) tools that handles the functionality of zfs-auto-snapshot, many people still use it in long-term production environments so I think it might be good if someone continues to maintain it, even if just for bug fixes and managing PRs.

If someone is interested AND have the time to maintain this, let me know and I'll arrange the rights for you. If I don't hear from anyone in a month I'll make a note in the README that this project is no longer maintained and that users should rather seek to move to alternatives.

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issue commentcalamares/calamares

root partition set with 777 permissions

Not sure I'd call this a calamares issue per sé. In Debian we set the correct permissions for the squashfs root during build time, I'd say that that's the correct place to do so in other distributions too. Might be nice for calamares to have an option for this, but then you're really just fixing a bug that might be better solved at the source.


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issue commentcalamares/calamares

Debian repositories after installation

In Debian we just run a simple shell script from a calamares module that takes care of the final sources.list:

If you forked calamares-settings-debian for your distribution, then those are the files you want to change.


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