patslat/polls 1

App Academy W3D4 polls app

hellobelda/active_record_lite 0

Replicating ActiveRecord's ORM and association features.

hellobelda/asteroids 0

Asteroids game built with JavaScript

hellobelda/billsplit 0

Rails app to track group expenses

hellobelda/chatter 0

Ruby on Rails Chat application utilizing WebSockets (Faye).

hellobelda/diffux 0

A tool to diff website snapshots

hellobelda/IOU 0

Bill-splitting application built with Ruby and Rails. An improvement on a previous project: billsplit/Split Your Bill.

hellobelda/minesweeper 0

Minesweeper game made with Ruby. Can save games/reload saved games.

hellobelda/newsreader 0

Rails app using Backbone.js. Users add RSS feeds, app displays the top 25 stories.


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