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Heikki Lehväslaiho heikkil @CSCfi Espoo, Finland

jakebox/org-preview-html 118

Automatically preview org-exported HTML files within Emacs.

heikkil/org-dropbox 15

move Dropbox shared notes from Android into org-mode datetree

heikkil/amiramesh-reader 2

Parser for AmiraMesh 3D ASCII 2.0 format

heikkil/emacs-literal-config 2

My emacs configuration as literal code using org-mode's org-babel

heikkil/estpipe 2

Pipeline for cleaning, annotating and submitting (baboon) EST sequences into dbEST

heikkil/ 2

Personal website

heikkil/app-pipeline-simple 1

Simple workflow manager

heikkil/unix-for-biologists 1

Unix Fundamentals for Biologists

heikkil/.emacs.d 0

My literate Emacs config