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issue commentarchimatetool/archi

How to include colon (:) inside an if label expression?

For my part, I do not see this as a showstopper. I'd go for a release.


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issue commentarchimatetool/archi

How to include colon (:) inside an if label expression?

Now it works. Thanks!

I tried to stress test this a bit more and it does work as it should. However, look at this:

${if:ok:en:ok} --> en:ok ${if: ok : en\ : ok} --> en : ok ${if : ok : en\ : ok} --> x

'if:' works but 'if :' is not recognised. This might be the way you intended, but it leaves a bit uncomfortable feeling that colon is used in more than one role here: The real function to call is not 'if' but 'if:'. Having a powerful syntax for label expressions is really needed, but I think you should be careful and think ahead how you want to extend it so that you do not work yourselves in a dead end. The first step in language formality is to put together a Backus–Naur form for it. I'd love to see that.


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issue commentarchimatetool/archi

How to include colon (:) inside an if label expression?

I downloaded the beta and tested. Escaping single characters works when there are no variables in the statement. Looks like my original example was not tested and escaping and pattern matching is not yet working correctly:

The behaviour with an escaped colon is: ${if:${property:en}:en:${property:en}} --> en\

If the escaped colon is not in front of a dollar variable, it works as expected. Please check your regular expressions matches in this specific case, too.


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issue openedweirdNox/org-noter

Can not open the file containing the next chapter of a book (epub, macOS)

When I use org-noter to open an epub file, I can navigate the various chapters of a book through the table of contents with ease. When I start reading and spend a longish time (half a day or longer) going through a chapter and try to move on to the next one (n), I get an error like this:

nov-slurp: Opening input file: No such file or directory, /var/folders/_q/mpt1jyp542l9v1fpcxvw89nnz00b0n/T/nov-RmmA9X.epub/OEBPS/xhtml/Auth_9898989898998_epub3_c11_r1.xhtml

At this point, only directory structure remains under nov-nnnnnn.epub ,all data files have gone.

It clearly caused by the epub file being uncompressed to a temporary location that gets garbage collected at some point. The question is how to prevent that?

To continue, I reactivate org-noter.

I am running macOS Monteray (but the problem has persisted over two major upgrades, the same applies to Emacs and Org mode versions) GNU Emacs 28.0.90 (build 1, x86_64-apple-darwin19.6.0, NS appkit-1894.60 Version 10.15.7 (Build 19H1519)) of 2021-12-05 Org mode version 9.5.1 (release_9.5.1-11-g96d91b @ /Applications/

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issue openedarchimatetool/archi

How to include colon (:) inside an if label expression?

<!--- This is a template for bug reports --> <!--- If this is a feature request you can delete this template content -->

<!--- If this is a bug please attach the Archi Error Log - this can be accessed in Archi by selecting the "About Archi" menu item. In the dialog box press the "Installation Details" button, then select the "Configuration" tab and press the "View Error Log" button. If you able to attach a *.archimate file that causes the error, please also attach that. --->

Version of Archi

<!--- Which version of Archi are you using? --> 4.9.1.

Archi Plug-ins

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Operating System

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Expected Behaviour

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A label expression should be able to contain a colon (:) character in the output. The if statement uses colon as an internal separator. I can not find a way to escape the colon. The only online source of information for label expressions seems to be their wiki page. Is there more somewhere else, e.g. a formal language description?

Actual Behaviour

<!--- Tell us what happens instead of the expected behaviour -->

This works with semicolon, if property 'en' has a value 'value': ${if:${property:en}:en;${property:en}} --> en;value

With colon: ${if:${property:en}:en:${property:en}} --> en

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