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hayicle/atomic-red-team 0

Small and highly portable detection tests based on MITRE's ATT&CK.

hayicle/awesome-pentest 0

A collection of awesome penetration testing resources, tools and other shiny things

hayicle/CDK 0

CDK is an open-sourced container penetration toolkit, offering stable exploitation in different slimmed containers without any OS dependency. It comes with penetration tools and many powerful PoCs/EXPs helps you to escape container and takeover K8s cluster easily.

hayicle/CORScanner 0

Fast CORS misconfiguration vulnerabilities scanner🍻

hayicle/Docker_journey 0

Docker build something special via my life

hayicle/graudit 0

grep rough audit - source code auditing tool

hayicle/minipwn 0

mini library for exploitation

hayicle/pwndbg 0

Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering with GDB Made Easy

hayicle/security-cheatsheets 0

A collection of cheatsheets for various infosec tools and topics.


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grep rough audit - source code auditing tool

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