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Hannes Rabo hannesrabo Engineer @ Spotify, Master in Distributed Systems and Data Science

hannesrabo/kth-thesis-template 3

This is an template for bachelor thesis work for the ICT School at KTH.

hannesrabo/next-portfolio 3

My portfolio site in Next.js, deployed statically to github pages.

hannesrabo/Distributed-Key-Value-Store 2

Linearizable and distributed key-value store. Supports read, write and CAS

hannesrabo/go-micro-gRPC 2

Test repository for gRPC using go and Docker

hannesrabo/personal-economy-app 2

A app for tracking your personal economy

hannesrabo/craft-africa 1

The website for Craft Africa, a modular craft brewery concept democratizing entrepreneurship.

hannesrabo/gatsby-universal 1

🔮 An opinionated Gatsby v2 starter for state-of-the-art marketing sites.

hannesrabo/ai-stock-analyser 0

Project where we analysed stocks using a keras model in tensorflow.

hannesrabo/blogg 0

The blogging front