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Kubernetes Development Kit (KDK)

dcwangmit01/goapi 10

golang api base project setup with grpc, grpc-gw, jwt, rbac, cfssl, glide, ginkgo, swagger

hangxie/atlantis-docker-image 0

Customized Atlantis docker image with extra utility programs

hangxie/charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes

hangxie/elasticsearch_exporter 0

Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus

hangxie/jsonnet-bundler 0

A jsonnet package manager.

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Kubernetes Development Kit (KDK)


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Kubernetes Development Kit (KDK)

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Update to jb 0.4.0

Update jb to 0.4.0, note that install through go get no longer has the right version unless tweak flags (

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issue openedmikefarah/yq

"on" in JSON is translated to boolean in YAML

Describe the bug on in JSON is translated to boolean in YAML

version of yq: 3.3.2 operating system: ubuntu

Input JSON source.json

{"GO111MODULE": "on"}

Command The command you ran:

echo '{"GO111MODULE": "on"}' | /go/bin/yq r -P -

Actual behavior


Expected behavior

GO111MODULE: 'on'

Additional context There are several issues discussed similar problem, but I could not find a workaround for yq r.

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