hamiltop/flaky_connection 4

A TCP proxy that allows you to drop connections at will. Useful for testing network libraries.

hamiltop/friends-demo 4

Demo of RethinkDB Elixir Change Feeds

hamiltop/artos 2

A Real Time Operating System for Arduino

hamiltop/ashes 1

A Phoenix server for building and packaging Elixir applications

hamiltop/backbone-rails 1

Easily use backbone.js with rails 3.1

hamiltop/Be-Kind 1

A javascript and rails solution to replaying mouse movements

hamiltop/Contraction-Timer 1

A simple CLI timer for pregency contractions.

hamiltop/CultOfSkaro 1

Code Repository for BYU ECEN 490 (Senior Project) Robot Racers Team 4 (Cult Of Skaro)

hamiltop/erlectricity 1

Erlectricity exposes Ruby to Erlang and vice versa.

hamiltop/exrm 1

Automatically generate a release for your Elixir project!