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halohalospecial/atom-elmjutsu 197

A bag of tricks for developing with Elm. (Atom package)

mybuddymichael/linter-elm-make 33

Lint your Elm files in Atom with elm-make

mbuscemi/elm-test-runner 6

Run elm-test and view results without leaving Atom

halohalospecial/codemirror-elixir-mode 5

Elixir mode for CodeMirror / Light Table

halohalospecial/atom-animated-page-scroll 3

Smooth scrolling Page Up and Page Down. (Atom package)

halohalospecial/atom-loaded 2

Open files and directories à la Emacs ido-mode. Can also create new files and directories if they don't exist. (Atom package)

halohalospecial/atom-polymorph 1

Simultaneously edit multiple text ranges with related meanings, but different forms. (Atom package)

halohalospecial/atom-elixir 0

An Atom package for Elixir

halohalospecial/atom-elm-format 0

Run elm-format in atom

halohalospecial/awesome-elm 0

A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome list. Feel free to contribute. :rocket:


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