James Haley (Nightdive Studios) haleyjd

NightDive-Studio/shockmac 1392

System Shock (PowerMac version / Official GPL Release)

svkaiser/PowerslaveEX 140

Powerslave EX is a unofficial recreation of Lobotomy Software’s obscured FPS game, Powerslave (also known as Exhumed in the UK)

svkaiser/strife-ve 108

Strife Veteran Edition GPL Source Release

NightDive-Studio/sin-ex-game 35

Nightdive Studios SiN Gold Game Source

haleyjd/psxwadgen 13

Project to convert PSX Doom CD into a PC-usable archive

haleyjd/doom-ads 3

A collection of print ads and other related promotional materials for games in the DOOM series.

haleyjd/monaco-port 1

Maintaining the Monaco skin as a brandless skin for vanilla MediaWiki

haleyjd/OpenGraphMeta 1

Customized build of MediaWiki OpenGraphMeta extension for

haleyjd/alttp_vt_randomizer 0

ALttP VT Randomizer and API