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grray/steam_gifts_bot 1

bot for

grray/asterisk-chan-dongle 0

chan_dongle channel driver for Huawei UMTS cards, works with Asterisk 14+

grray/callcenter 0

Community Call Center Module using ECCP Protocol.

grray/guzzle-cache-middleware 0

A HTTP Cache for Guzzle 6. It's a simple Middleware to be added in the HandlerStack.

grray/hid_watchdog 0

This is a simple service to communicate with cheap USB "v5" WatchDog timers that create a USB-HID device.

grray/musly 0

Musly - Music Similarity Library

grray/ 0

PHP API is a set of classes which help you gain access to's API using PHP. It allows you to get information on users, artists, albums, tracks, groups, events and tags. It also contains geographic API classes to get musical geo information

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issue openedmevdschee/fakeflac

Score higher, than should be?

I checked attached file (128 kbps mp3) and this tool gave score 83, which is better, than it should be. File spectrogram has two cutoffs, one at 20khz, and one at 16khz, so i guess this tool detected 20khz as cutoff, and gave good score. I'm not sure if this program is designed to evaluate audio encoding quality in such cases, as it is not lossless, and for some reason mp3 encoder didn't set cutoff at 16khz, but if it is, I hope this report will help improving it.

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commit sha 253a83da9add93d7cbd45cc5f10e229b10e5f864

Added installation instructions for CentOS

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fork grray/hid_watchdog

This is a simple service to communicate with cheap USB "v5" WatchDog timers that create a USB-HID device.

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symfony/dom-crawler version bump

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