Dennis Chan grinnelldennis Grinnell, Iowa

GrinnellAppDev/Publications-Android 0

An app that houses publications published by the S&B and student-run organizations at Grinnell College.

grinnelldennis/Android-Training-Wiki 0

Summary of topics discussed during Grinnell AppDev Android training session

grinnelldennis/boeing-fmc-display 0

An experimental project aimed to explore the potential for an easily adaptable and portable Flight Management Computer (FMC) for flight simulation as a mean of flight tracking.

grinnelldennis/csc207-mentor-notes 0

Contains a list of personal implementations and class notes for csc207

grinnelldennis/datavis-dhallfinal 0

Dinning hall traffic visualized for Grinnell College during the full academic year of 2014-2016.