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Armando Di Cianno greymouser Williamstown, MA

touchlab/KaMPKit 1275

KaMP Kit by Touchlab is a collection of code and tools designed to get your mobile team started quickly with Kotlin Multiplatform.

greymouser/alienfx 3

Linux kernel module to support Alienware AlienFX light color hardware

greymouser/DarkSkySharp 3

A C# library for accessing the near-term weather prediction data from Dark Sky -

greymouser/dart-numerus 3

Dart extensions for translating decimal numbers to Roman numerals and vice versa

greymouser/numerus 2

An Objective-C framework for translating decimal numbers to Roman numerals and vice versa

greymouser/food_ndb 1

Ruby on Rails engine for easing access and use of the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

greymouser/buttercup 0

An installer pkg build suite for OSX focused on Erlang/OTP, Elixir, and dependencies

greymouser/dart-optionset 0

A Dart package for working with option sets (i.e. bitmasks).

greymouser/erlang-leaderboard 0

Leaderboards backed by Redis in Erlang


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