Anton Grensjö grensjo Google Stockholm, Sweden

nordicolympiad/swedish-olympiad-2017 4

Swedish Programming Olympiad 2017 (po2017)

nordicolympiad/testdata_tools 3

A DSL for generating test data groups for Kattis programming problems

grensjo/contest-prog-intro 1

Introduction to Competitive Programming (small compendium in Swedish)

nordicolympiad/swedish-olympiad-2016 1

Programmeringsolympiaden 2016

Alge/RunningLate 0

Project for TrainHack 2018

grensjo/Arduino-IRremote 0

Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols

grensjo/borg-summon 0

A work-in-progress wrapper for automating BorgBackup use

grensjo/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme 0

:bullettrain_side: An oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin

issue openedteknologkoren/flasquelistan

Minor issue with the text shown on profile picture change

It says "Your profile picture has changed" even if you're changing someone else's picture. This should be changed to something like "The profile picture has been changed", that works both for your own and someone else's picture.

This is of course a very minor issue though.

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