Greg Symons gregsymons @affinipay Austin, TX

gregsymons/docker-nginx-proxy 10

Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen

gregsymons/di-ruby-lvm-attrib 7

I am no longer maintaining this. Please see Chef's fork:

gregsymons/di-ruby-lvm 2

I am no longer maintaining this gem. Please see the Chef fork:

gregsymons/dotfiles 2

The various vim plugins and settings that I use.

gregsymons/boundedqueuekata 1

The BoundedQueueKata from

gregsymons/calculator-katas 1

Various implementation of the Calculator Kata using different technologies.

gregsymons/cucumber-chef 1

Framework for test-driven infrastructure development

gregsymons/docker-zookeeper-coreos 1

A zookeeper container built to run on CoreOS

gregsymons/analysis-collector-plugin 0

Jenkins analysis-collector plugin

gregsymons/analysis-config-plugin 0

Jenkins analysis-config plugin