vegaitsourcing/nvs 1

Izrada online volonterske knjižice na sajtu

goranjviv/agnosterzak-ohmyzsh-theme 0

An oh-my-zsh theme based on Powerline Vim & Agnoster theme

goranjviv/chrome_mysql_admin 0

ChromeMyAdmin provides you the administration GUI of MySQL server. It is like phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro.

goranjviv/laravel-goutte 0

Laravel Facade for Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper

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*Nodemcu 4 channel Fan Control over USB*

issue commentstorybookjs/storybook

Template.bind on imported variable results in variable name as string literal rather than variable value

It doesn't have to be a complex object, the prop just needs to reference an object. orientation: "whatever string" + Orientations.HORIZONTAL + 'jfdkslfj' +${Orientations.HORIZONTAL}


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issue commentstorybookjs/storybook

Storybook templates do not handle default prop values correctly if they are objects

It seems to happen if you reference any object in a defaultProp.

Eg: orientation: "whatever string" + Orientations.HORIZONTAL + 'jfdkslfj' +${Orientations.HORIZONTAL} results in orientation being that entire expression.


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