goodfeli/adversarial 2692

Code and hyperparameters for the paper "Generative Adversarial Networks"

goodfeli/dlbook_notation 895

LaTeX files for the Deep Learning book notation

goodfeli/dlbook_exercises 862

Exercises for the Deep Learning textbook at

goodfeli/theano_exercises 625

Exercises for my tutorials on Theano

brain-research/acai 215

Code for "Understanding and Improving Interpolation in Autoencoders via an Adversarial Regularizer"

goodfeli/galatea 79

This was my private research codebase during grad school. After graduation I made it all public

goodfeli/forgetting 38

Repository of code for the experiments for the ICLR submission "An Empirical Investigation of Catastrophic Forgetting in Gradient-Based Networks"

nouiz/lisa_emotiw 33

Challenge de reco d'émotions sur les visages.

goodfeli/ccw_tutorial_theano 24

Common Code Workflow tutorial on Theano

goodfeli/models 21

Models built with TensorFlow