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goinnn/cordova-plugin-splashscreen 5

Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin splashscreen

goinnn/django-ajax-selects 3

jQuery UI-powered auto-complete fields for ForeignKey, ManyToMany and text fields

goinnn/django-base-template 2

A Django 1.4 base template with HTML5Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap

goinnn/cordova-plugin-background-geolocation 1

Sophisticated background and foreground geolocation plugin for Cordova 3+. Tracks user when app is running in background.

goinnn/deldichoalhecho 1

Servicio para el seguimiento de promesas en muchos contextos.

goinnn/django 1

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Now on GitHub.

goinnn/django-categories 1

This app attempts to provide a generic category system that multiple apps could use. It uses MPTT for the tree storage and provides a custom admin for better visualization (copied and modified from feinCMS).

goinnn/django-concurrent-server 1

Quick hack that provides a runconcurrentserver command, broadly similar to Django ticket:3357 without patching Django itself

goinnn/alto 0

Alto is a Django app that allows you to browse the urlpatterns for your project, see the source code of each view, and open that code in your favorite editor.

goinnn/angular-chart.js 0

Reactive, responsive, beautiful charts for AngularJS using Chart.js: