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Onionbalance v3 -- mirror of (

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Seednode references for Freenet Opennet

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issue openednamecoin/electrum-nmc

ManageNames Tab: allow deleteion of expired domain names, clarify the message for renewal of taken names, highlight with red such names

Directly related to this is #162 Indirectly related to this is also #266 (allow a way to delete pending registration transactions that will never be completed).

Currently there is no way to delete an expired name from the ManageNames tab, even it is already expired and registered by someone else. Also, when you try to renew an expired domain name that has been already taken during the expiration date till you try to renew it (assuming it was not renewed before its expire date of course) you will get:


We should clarify this message that it's not an error -- the name in question has been registered on the namecoin blockchain by other wallet / user. The user should understand this that there is no sense trying to renew it with a different ElectrumX-NMC server or something.

Also the EXPIRING names (that are to expire in say 4300 blocks with orange color and bolder text) and EXPIRED names (already expired) with red color and bold\italic text -- do you think this is a good idea?

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issue commentspesmilo/electrumx

Drop support for v2 TOR addresses

The hack is good for now, but I think it's better to fully validate the v3 address in ElectrumX entirely. Just the length might not be enough in the future as Tor tries to implement a system that will map v3 onion addresses to human memorable names.


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