Giuseppe Burtini gburtini British Columbia, Canada Machine learning, automated experiments and adaptive computation... although that's mostly not what is on here.

gburtini/Learning-Library-for-PHP 261

The rudimentary workings of a machine learning library in PHP.

gburtini/PHP-ACL 34

A simple, Composer-ready access control and user cookie login system.

gburtini/Humanize-PHP 15

A clone of Django's Humanize API for PHP.

gburtini/PHP-Hooks-System 10

A hooks and filters system for writing event-driven or plugin-ready PHP.

gburtini/Dont-Bounce-Please 9

Free, modern Javascript bounce detection. Mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop support: show a message or perform an action prior to a user bouncing away from your site.

gburtini/PHP-Brute-Force-Defense 5

Rate limiting tools.

gburtini/php-bloom-filter 4

Simple Bloom filter implementation in PHP, using SplFixedArray.

gburtini/Potent 3

XPath rule generalizer - easily learn dynamic matching patterns in XML documents

BlockCatIO/is-ethereum-address 2

Just a simple utility for lightweight validation an Ethereum address.

gburtini/css-xpath 2

npm module for translating CSS rules in to XPath expressions

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