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gabrielnahmias/Adobe-CS6-Crack-Assistant 7

Helps easily crack any Windows installation of CS6.

gabrielnahmias/Console.js 5

A simple but useful extension for the JavaScript console with a stack trace and more.

gabrielnahmias/agile 1

A web-based IDE and file manager.

gabrielnahmias/ArrayList 1

An implementation of a List interface that is facilitated through an array.

gabrielnahmias/bandspot 1

A website engine designed to easily produce a musical group's page (currently configured for the band Elemovements). A generalization may be a fork that I create later.

gabrielnahmias/Browser.php 1

Detecting a user's browser from PHP

gabrielnahmias/canommonon 1

A script that allows you to find common values between provided sets of data.

gabrielnahmias/CloudTop 1

A web-based operating system.

gabrielnahmias/datejs 1

An updated, actively maintained and bug fixed, fork of Datejs.

gabrielnahmias/dirbrowser 1

A web-based file browser and editor.