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Gabriel Cebrian gabceb @rbilabs Miami, FL Passionate coder and manager. Created @blendspace. Currently, hacks + grows engs at @rbilabs while building for millions of users at BK, Popeyes & Tim Hortons

gabceb/atom-web-view 54

Package to open a web browser inside Atom

gabceb/edmodo-api 4

Ruby wrapper for the Edmodo API

gabceb/grunt-profanities 3

Grunt task for checking the use of profanities in your code

gabceb/github-minus-1-extension 2

Chrome extension to hide all +1 comments on Github issues and pull requests

gabceb/bikeshare 1

Bike share

gabceb/iron_worker_ruby 1

Ruby client for IronWorker

gabceb/24pullrequests 0

Giving back little gifts of code for Christmas

gabceb/415tiles 0

415 Tiles is an open-source map designed for San Francisco bicyclists.

gabceb/alexlib 0

Future site of

gabceb/BBUDebuggerTuckAway 0

Xcode plugin for auto-hiding the debugger once you start typing in the source code editor.