fusionstream/fgmps 1

Lightweight and Extensible FlightGear Multiplayer Server

fusionstream/companion 0

Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment.

fusionstream/companion-module-barco-encore 0

Barco Encore Companion module

fusionstream/companion-module-livecore 0

Companion module for Analog Way Livecore series

fusionstream/depth 0

Web frontend for the depth project.

fusionstream/FancySelect 0

A non-obtrusive image dropdown menu that extends and replaces a standard HTML Select control.

fusionstream/Komodo-Edit-Source-Control-Tools 0

Several tools to add basic git and svn support into Komodo Edit

fusionstream/lancair-legacy 0

Lancair Legacy for FlightGear

fusionstream/lowtools 0

Tools for lowrance map and log files (lcm, sl2, etc)

issue commentchrippa/xmmsclient.js

How is the best way to catch a broadcast ?

Did you managed to find a solution?


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issue openedchrippa/xmmsclient.js

Support for pure javascript? Or an update?

Is this project still being actively developed?

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issue openedJumpLink/node-mpris

Will this be updated to support nodejs 12 or even 14?

As above.

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issue openedmejsel/sensor-htu21d

Needs one shot capabilities

Presently, the reading runs on a loop that cannot be controlled by the dev.

Adding an inst.begin() and an will not break compatibility with any existing usage but will allow the dev to self-manage the instance creation and subsequent readings.

Aside from letting the dev decide when and where to take a reading just because that's how it should be done (arguable I suppose), a simple use case would be taking a reading every 30 seconds. If the temp increases beyond a set threshold, the dev may want to take readings every ONE second till perhaps the temperature has dropped below said threshold. Presently, they would have to stop() the instance and start() it again with a new interval.

Another use case for why intervals should really be decided by the dev user is perhaps the dev wants to take a single reading at the start of the script. Presently, he would have to start it (with a possibly long interval to prevent multiple readings), then on 'reading-complete', he would have to stop it.

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issue openedmejsel/sensor-htu21d

Needs configurable options

Commands such as HTU21_CMD_TRIGGER_TEMP_MEAS_NO_HOLD need to be configurable by the user while still having a default value.

Other commands include setting the bit depth.

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issue openedmejsel/sensor-htu21d

Example needs to be updated.

let Htu21d = require('sensor-htu21d');

instead of

let Htu21d = require('./htu21d.js');

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issue commentandroid-js/androidjs

Error in documentation - init

The docs have not been updated yet.


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issue commentant-media/Ant-Media-Server

Question : Can I install on CentOS 6?

Just want to say URL seems to now be at:


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issue commentcorbanmailloux/esp-mqtt-rgb-led

Ability to use only white led

This sounds like a duplicate of #37. Is that correct? Seems about right but isn't something I think I've seen before

Honestly I haven't worked on this project in a while, but I thought I resolved that at some point. See, even you thought this was settled! lol

The solution provided above does work btw. I'm using it now. It's still not completely separate because effects will still kill the white led.


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issue openedcorbanmailloux/esp-mqtt-rgb-led

Ability to use only white led

Can you add the ability to control the white led while turning off all RGB leds. I could've sworn I opened an issue before where I either provided a full solution or someone else did but I can't find it. I think the colour wheel may have had a black option before but I can't find that either.

The simplest solution I can rethink off right off the top of my head is to change the code in the example sketch on line 183 from: realWhite = map(white, 0, 255, 0, brightness); to: realWhite = map(white, 0, 255, 0, 255);

This maps the white value without regard to the brightness value which allows one to individually control RGB and WHITE.

In lieu of a better solution, please consider adding this modification to the example sketch.

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issue commentmcxiaoke/ESPDateTime

Not calling setServer means begin() fails

I have the same issue but is slightly different. Using always fails, not setting a server always fails, but setting to sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Increasing timeout seems to make no difference.


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issue commentmcxiaoke/ESPDateTime

setTimeZone doesn't seem to be working correctly

Same issue on an ESP8266 on a Wemos D1 Mini Pro. As a workaround, I just inverted the timezone. For +5, I set it to -5


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issue commentfelis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0

two USB HOST working on same ESP32

Duplicate the library and change the pins as you have already done. Use the "different" library to control the other host.


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issue commentNicoHood/HID

NKROKeyboard and led

Might be helpful to include this in the wiki since it's not readily visible in the code. Or possibly in the examples.


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issue commentespressif/arduino-esp32

super slow download from arduino ide board manager

Obviously this is not espressif's problem but thought I'd chime in here that I'm having the same issue. Unbelievably slow. Visiting the sites is fine. Tried downloading the release directly via a download manager and that too is incredibly slow. Slower in fact. 3.4KBps is the peak and it's constantly cutting out. Each request to add a new chunk is replied with a 403.


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