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Furqan Aziz furqanaziz InvoZone Malaysia Leading a rockstar team of 200+ designers and software engineers who also had the privilege to execute giant software projects.

furqanaziz/jquery-timeliner 5

Vertical timeline UI based on jQuery and supporting multiple templates

furqanaziz/ngx-filemanager 1

Angular X filemanager, ability to manage your files with simple backend bridge.

CharliePSentinel/stringmetric-algorithm 0

:dart: String metrics and phonetic algorithms for Scala (e.g. Dice/Sorensen, Hamming, Jaccard, Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, Levenshtein, Metaphone, N-Gram, NYSIIS, Overlap, Ratcliff/Obershelp, Refined NYSIIS, Refined Soundex, Soundex, Weighted Levenshtein).

furqanaziz/angular-filemanager 0

JavaScript HTML5 File Management Material Design Folder Explorer Navigator Browser Manager in AngularJS with CSS3 Responsive (with FTP in PHP / Java / Node)

furqanaziz/angular-filemanager-nodejs-bridge 0

A bridge for angular-filemanager using Node.js and Express

furqanaziz/angular-restmod 0

Rails inspired REST-API ORM for Angular

furqanaziz/bull 0

Premium Queue package for handling distributed jobs and messages in NodeJS.