Christian-Manuel Butzke fruwe Fruwe Global - (currently Japan)

CGamesPlay/haml_user_tags 8

Helpers in Haml, for Haml.

fruwe/csv_step_importer 6

Import your CSV files in multiple steps

fruwe/cns_db 1

Database connection to the CNS framework

fruwe/cns_statemachine 1

Complete statemachine implementation

fruwe/cns_web_as 1

CNS Web Application Server

fruwe/gettext 1

Ruby-GetText-Package is a Localization(L10n) library and tools which modeled after GNU gettext package.

fruwe/human_attribute 1

Translate model attribute values from locales

fruwe/i18n_backend_database 1

Database Backend for Rails I18n

fruwe/activeadmin 0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

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