Fred Palmer fredpalmer CTO @artistgrowth Nashville, TN

fredpalmer/log4bash 134

log4bash is an attempt to have better logging for Bash scripts (i.e. make logging in Bash suck less).

fredpalmer/dimwit 59

Nginx Dynamic Image Manipulation Service

fredpalmer/flightaware 9

Python REST API for Flightaware

fredpalmer/gitx 1

This fork is a digest of strong features from all around the project, including flavors added by yours truly. Grab a binary from Downloads and see if it is for you...

fredpalmer/jquery.dirtyforms 1

A jQuery Plugin that monitors forms for change and alerts the user before leaving the page.

fredpalmer/aws-cli 0

Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services

fredpalmer/aws-codedeploy-plugin 0

Jenkins plugin for AWS CodeDeploy

fredpalmer/bandsintao 0

Python client library to consume the Bandsintown API

fredpalmer/BlockParty 0

Safari Content Blocker App for iOS 9 and OSX

fredpalmer/d3 0

A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.