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Fred Oliveira fredoliveira @unionvc CTO at @unionvc. Previously @wbs, @techcrunch, @DisruptionCorp.

fredoliveira/commonplace 173

A server for your markdown files. Give it a directory, and Commonplace gives you a url, pretty pages, and quick editing.

fredoliveira/bootstrap 17

A quick way to bootstrap a quick html5+jquery+960gs page

fredoliveira/itunesconnect 9

A ruby clone of Apple's autoingestion tool for iTunes Connect reports

fredoliveira/alpine-ruby-node 1

A slim alpine-linux based Docker image with Ruby and Nodejs, ready to use in Ruby on Rails + Webpacker apps.

fredoliveira/commonplace-nodebb 1

An old version of Commonplace using Mongo, Node and Backbone.js

fredoliveira/dotfiles-old 1

A (hopefully) ever-updating toolbox

fredoliveira/forecast 1

A command-line tool to output Omnifocus outstanding tasks

fredoliveira/microstat 1

A tiny library for event capturing in ruby apps