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Franz Allan Valencia See franz-see CCXT-REST Manila, Philippines Java, Python, NodeJS Spring, Micronaut, Lagom, Akka, Quarkus, Vert.x Django, Flask

ccxt-rest/ccxt-rest 283

Open Source Unified REST API of 100+ Crypto Exchange Sites (18k+ docker pulls) -

franz-see/jmeter-parellarel-request 5

JMeter Parallel Request adds a Controller which runs all Samplers in it in Parallel.

franz-see/micronaut-predator-jdbc-example 4

An example REST java application that uses microanut and microanut-predator-jdbc

franz-see/FlaskBootstrapSecurity 3

A Flask Application with Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, Flask-Security, Flask-Restful, Flask-SQLalchemy, Gmail, and User Registration preconfigured.

franz-see/chef-proxy 2

Sets /etc/init.d/ so that your apt-get/aptittude/yum/etc can run even while behind a proxy.

franz-see/dbinterrogator 2

MySQLDump Java Library

franz-see/junit5-archetype 2

maven archetype for creating a project that has junit5 support

ccxt-rest/ccxt-rest-website 1

ccxt-rest's website source code

franz-see/access-log-parser 1

Parses an Access Log and stores it into the Database for querying of ips which has high hit rates.

franz-see/CryptoList 1

Curated collection of blockchain & cryptocurrency resources.

issue openedpyppeteer/pyppeteer

waitForSelector sometimes does not work but doing it in the dev toolbar works


Why does it sometimes that waitForSelector(<selector>) does not seem to work. But if i put a breakpoint in that part of the code (and while headless = False), then i open the browser's dev toolbar, and execute document.querySelector(<selector>), the code work. Any ideas why that would happen?

I even tried this in the dev toolbar and it still works

((selectorOrXPath, isXPath, waitForVisible, waitForHidden) => {
    const node = isXPath
        ? document.evaluate(selectorOrXPath, document, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue
        : document.querySelector(selectorOrXPath);
    if (!node)
        return waitForHidden;
    if (!waitForVisible && !waitForHidden)
        return node;
    const element = /** @type {Element} */ (node.nodeType === Node.TEXT_NODE ? node.parentElement : node);
    const style = window.getComputedStyle(element);
    const isVisible = style && style.visibility !== 'hidden' && hasVisibleBoundingBox();
    const success = (waitForVisible === isVisible || waitForHidden === !isVisible)
    return success ? node : null
    function hasVisibleBoundingBox() {
        const rect = element.getBoundingClientRect();
        return !!( || rect.bottom || rect.width || rect.height);
})(<selector>, false, false, false)


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issue openedpyppeteer/pyppeteer

Changing pyppeteer's logging configuration

How do I change pyppeteer's logging configuration?

For example,what if I want to use my custom JsonFormatter so that the logs are structured.


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issue commentmoby/moby

"docker stop" command takes like 10 seconds

I found this issue by googling for the problem @witoldsz was talking about: bash not responding to the sigterm and thus always having the 10 second timeout.

Anyway, personally I needed to chain multiple commands, and the solution turns out to be running the last command using exec, eg:

CMD echo I'm executed using sh! && \
    exec supervisord -n

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue!

Greetings from 2021! exec solved my issue! thank you! :D


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