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francescog/boost-cmake 1

Building and Testing Boost with CMake

francescog/distutils2 1

A Git mirror of the Hg repo in which Python's distutils2 is developed. Plan is to plunder it for version/dependency management stuff.

francescog/nt2 1

The Numerical Template Toolbox - C++ Scientific Computing Made Easy

francescog/pip 1

The majority of ryppl's source. Find upstream PIP (from on the “upstream” branch

francescog/ryppl 1

A Git-based Software Development / Testing / Installation System

francescog/scripttest 1

A clone of, fixing Windows Compatibility in

francescog/virtualenv 1

A clone of for submodule

francescog/histogram 0

Fast multi-dimensional histogram with convenient interface for C++ and Python

francescog/Random123-Boost 0

Proposed Random123 functions for Boost.Random