fpotter/socketio-cocoa 181

Cocoa interface to Socket.IO by way of WebSockets.

fpotter/ExpandingDatePicker 26

An NSDatePicker that expands to show a graphical calendar view when focused.

fpotter/juggernaut-cocoa 19

Cocoa interface to the Juggernaut realtime/push service.

fpotter/make-spinner-sprite 17

Generate spinners for the web in the form of animated, 24-bit PNG sprites

fpotter/LazyLayouts 6

LazyLayouts adds some additional layout options to UIKit on the iPhone (from when I first started on iPhone, and was really really frustrated with UI layout)

fpotter/NSString-Ruby 3

NSString category providing common Ruby String methods.

fpotter/three20 3

Three20 is an Objective-C library for iPhone developers

fpotter/jsonp2post 2

Provides a JSONP interface to HTTP POST web services.

fpotter/juggernaut-cappuccino 2

Cappuccino wrapper for the Juggernaut JS API

fpotter/mixpanel-cappuccino 2

Some helpers for integrating Mixpanel with Cappuccino


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PR opened SSheldon/malloc_buf


Adding an MIT license since indicates the intention was to license as MIT.

Our project depends on your malloc_buf create through your objc crate. (Thanks for both, btw!).

I'm writing some tooling to roundup license info for all dependencies using GitHub's license API, and their API 404's for malloc_buf because there's no LICENSE file. Adding this file should fix it.

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create barnchfpotter/malloc_buf

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fork fpotter/malloc_buf

Structs for handling malloc'd memory passed to Rust.

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