Matt Fletcher fletcherm Atomic Object Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

fletcherm/culerity 9

Culerity integrates Cucumber and Celerity in order to test your application's full stack including Javascript. Your Rails app doesn't have to run in JRuby. NOTE: This version embeds JRuby 1.4.0 so that it doesn't need to be installed system-wide.

fletcherm/pf_gtk 7

Presenter First in the context of GTK+ and C

fletcherm/jruby-complete-example 5

Examples of using jruby-complete to run Ruby programs

fletcherm/git-deploy 3

git deployment made easy

fletcherm/mbbsemu-docker 3

Docker image for MBBSEmu

fletcherm/Datejs 2

A JavaScript Date Library

fletcherm/evergreen 1

Run Jasmine JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.

fletcherm/matt_anki_scripts 1

Matt's scripts for pulling data from my Anki database

fletcherm/programmer-appeal 1

A Chrome extension to give more mailto options.

fletcherm/add-note-count-to-focus-task 0

Include my Evernote inbox's size into its corresponding daily OmniFocus task

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Matt Fletcher

commit sha 9c06a7e935506a83cdd9af19ac80f5e9a30a57a0

Update appsettings.json to match newest MBBSEmu

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Matt Fletcher

commit sha f636cb2c6bc5628c1a5bc34ead55c82654b831fa

remove improperly checked in file

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Matt Fletcher

commit sha 101aca4143033688e5e9bd469ac2ae83b08209d1

Alias for updating mbbsemu package

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Matt Fletcher

commit sha 5fe4d777482b426824c8e2a5d75bf09c70075fd8

Use port 2323 by default. Azure container instances doesn't let you map ports yet, so for now use port 2323 across the board so that the public instance isn't getting hit by telnet spam.

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