fisherwei/chnroutes 0

scripts help chinese netizen, who uses vpn to combat censorship, by modifying the route table so as routing only the censored ip to the vpn

fisherwei/docker-webvirtcloud 0

webvirtcloud on docker - kvm management

fisherwei/node-bencode 0

bencode de/encoder for nodejs

fisherwei/stratum-relay 0

Stratum proxy relay for mining altcoin


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fork mayli/repology-updater

Repology backend service to update repository and package data

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fork mayli/luci

LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration Interface

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fork mayli/packages

Community maintained packages for OpenWrt. Documentation for submitting pull requests is in

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fork mayli/openwrt

This repository is a mirror of It is for reference only and is not active for check-ins or for reporting issues. We will continue to accept Pull Requests here. They will be merged via staging trees then into openwrt.git. All issues should be reported at:

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fork mayli/czipdecrypter

Drip-in replacement of zipfile._ZipDecrypter for python 3.7+

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fork sjs99/v2ray-heroku

用于在 Heroku 上部署 V2Ray Websocket,本项目不宜做为长期使用之对策。

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fork mayli/xdcc

A minimal XDCC file downloader written in python3.

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