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cr0hn/nmap-fingerprinting 7

Apply the Nmap fingerprinting rules, without launch Nmap

ffr4nz/awesome-pentest 1

A collection of awesome penetration testing resources, tools and other shiny things

ffr4nz/emergency-dns-backup 1

Hosts file in case Authoritative DNS servers were offline

ffr4nz/ghannel 1

Gmail alias cover channel. Simple Android App to track geolocation data from a mobile phone and send it to a Gmal account using Alias feature as a Covert Channel.

ffr4nz/kafkaStorm 1

Simple Apache Storm integration with Apache Kafka

ffr4nz/alprservice 0

Simple API REST to process images using ALPR

ffr4nz/api-python-sdk 0

Python SDK for Blueliv api

ffr4nz/app-malicious-domains 0

Domain name classifier looking for good vs. possibly malicious providers