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Tubular Geodesic,tool for tracing

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ITK code to generate anisotropic metrics, mostly Riemannian metrics and afew particular cases of Finslerian metrics.

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Software for high throughput detection and tracking of migrating neurons and neurites in live cell imaging

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Fiji Is Just ImageJ

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itkMultiScaleTubularityMeasureImageFilter building problems

Dear fethallah, I build TubularGeodesics code with vs2015 and itk4.3.2. itkTubularMetricToPathFilter.exe build successfully ,but many problems occered when building itkMultiScaleTubularityMeasureImageFilter .

1.'D1': invalid template argument for 'itk::ImageToImageFilterDetail::ImageRegionCopier', expected compile-time constant expression

  1. 'OutputNPlus1DImageType': is not a class or namespace name

  2. 'itk::MultiscaleTubularityMeasurelmageFilter<TInputImage,TOrientedFluxlmage.TScalelmage.TOrientedFluxToM easureFilter,TOutputNDImage>::NPlus1DOrientedFluxlmageType': 'virtual' not permitted on data declarations

i have no idea how to fix it?

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Proof of concept whole slide imaging viewer on top of Google Cloud Healthcare DICOM API.

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Pen event interception for line smoothing on the reMarkable 2 tablet

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