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ferrous26/keychain 7

Example code of how to use the Mac OS X keychain in MacRuby

ferrous26/Jenkins-Installer-OS-X 6

An script for downloading and installing Jenkins CI as an OS X daemon using launchd

ferrous26/MacRuby 3

My fork of MacRuby that contains failed patches and other patches not ready for the official repo

ferrous26/minitest 3

minitest fork that includes patches to make things work on MacRuby

ferrous26/Jenkins-Notification-Center 2

Get Jenkins build notifications in OS X notification centre

ferrous26/couchrest 1

A RESTful CouchDB client based on Heroku's RestClient and Couch.js

ferrous26/cs452-flaming-meme 1

CS452 Real Time Programming

ferrous26/DietRB 1

IRB on a diet, for MacRuby / Ruby 1.9

ferrous26/Dispatch 1

Dispatch is a MacRuby wrapper around Mac OS X's Grand Central Dispatch.


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