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Jack Ferguson fergusonjack Computer Science with Year in Industry student at the University of Birmingham

alexander-lloyd/LogicProofSolver 0

CSS Hackathon 2018 Propositional Logic Solver using Resolution

fergusonjack/Alevel-Project-2016 0

this was my first big programming project done in 2016 for my a level course work it is a logic gates simulator

fergusonjack/CarMotorControler 0

Using pi4j to control a re-purposed rc car that no longer has a remote, going to be controlled through a web interface and eventually openCV

fergusonjack/ebaysdk-python 0

eBay API SDK for Python

fergusonjack/Huxley 0

JSON proxy for the UK National Rail Live Departure Board SOAP API

fergusonjack/JavaChatServer 0

Basic Java chat server

fergusonjack/mineSweeper 0

JavaFX Practise

fergusonjack/phpOpenLDBWS 0

Simple PHP object encapsulation of the National Rail Enquiries OpenLDBWS SOAP web service